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    With PersonalDiets you’ll get a custom diet that's proven it works. Automate your diet, meal planning & grocery shopping.

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Flexible Meal Planning


PersonalDiets are Custom Designed to Fit Your Needs.

Diets should be easy to follow, fit your preferences, health, safety & important needs


PersonalDiets are Convenient - Flexible - and Easy to Use.

  • Add & Choose Foods You Prefer!
  • Add & Use Your Favorite Recipes (or Ours)
  • Substitute foods "At Will"
  • Use PersonalDiets via Smart Phone or your computer

PersonalDiets Get Expert Support To Ensure Your Success.

Diets should be considerate of your personal needs and be effective to use. No diet programs besides PersonalDiets offers you a "real" custom plan that fits your lifestyle & needs so you can stick to it. Get the right diet, nutrition and support. PersonalDiets offers a proven diet & expert help.

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PersonalDiets are designed by the nutrition experts your doctor recommends, registered dietitians.

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Create your perfect diet!

  • Choose a diet & lifestyle that's "right" for you then start tweaking and creating your perfect plan for success!
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  • Get PersonalDiets online diet, BIKI® (or custom diet service) & start creating 100% customized diets!
  • Diet Pals & peer support

PersonalDiets let you create practical, flexible, custom diets with ease.

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  • PersonalDiets won't slow you down - each diet is 100% flexible & ready for use, even before it's personalized & perfected further by you.
  • Our registered dietitian designed each diet to be pre-balanced nutritionally, while allowing you to make decisions about food preferences & lifestyle!
  • All PersonalDiets are designed to flexible & consider the latest well founded diet research to optimize your health & help you reach your goal & body weight safely & effectively!

PersonalDiets are designed by the nutrition experts your doctor recommends, registered dietitians.

Use our expert's diet innovations:

  • easy to use custom diet with expert food recommendations
  • flexible, custom diets
  • automated meal plans & grocery lists
  • diet goals & strategies to match your lifestyle
  • diet & nutrition tracking (BIKI® &
  • an easy to use interactive, online expert support system (Personal Dietitian)
  • confidential access to expert dietitian help whenever you need it (Personal Dietitian)

LOSE 10 POUNDS BY November 21:

All PersonalDiets custom plans help you...

  • Build new eating habits that are realistic & "doable" and put you in control by letting you create your perfect diet plan.

Each diet is designed to your eating preferences & lifestyle...

  • Convenience
  • Recipe based
  • Combination plans
  • all diets use Volumetrics & allow you to include quick meal replacers like Slimfast, Boost, energy bars, etc.

All diets are planned for balanced nutrition

  • matched to your health needs
  • require no supplements, special or expensive foods.

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