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BIKI® Lite & Pro FAQ's

Click Questions for Details:

How does BIKI work and what are the first steps I should take?

BIKI is a flexible custom diet. It provides you with both recommended foods AND the ability to add your own. The recommended foods are based on the diet type you choose - but feel free to substitute or add others. Begin by clicking the "+" on the first picker to customize as you prefer. After clicking the "+" at breakfast, delete any recommended or add any foods you want and repeat the same process with other pickers.

How were my calories determined?

Your calories were primarily determined using the Harris Benedict formula. If you feel there's a discrepancy between the calories that were given and what you obtained please visit: and try determining your own calories. Have issues with calories determined still? Please use contact or comment section below. Give us calories given on BIKI, your: weight, height, activity level, gender and age and we'll be glad to help you out.

Can I have the calories changed? If not, why not?

No, currently BIKI doesn't offers such an option. If you believe your calories are incorrect please try the Harris Benedict Formula.

I can't find some foods in search I want to add?

The database has 84,000 popular brand foods, restaurant foods, whole foods and snacks. However if you can't find a food we recommend several strategies:
1. Planning:
This is one of the reasons BIKI provides menus with prelisted foods. You should devote some time to adding foods in advance of starting your diet. The dietitian recommends adding ALL the routine foods you are likely to eat in a given week. Begin by deleting recommended foods you don't like to simplify menus. Next, search and add foods, use the manual add tool & use the Add Recipes/Custom Food tools if you have BIKI PRO. 2. Using "Typicals" listed in your database
To help you quickly enter foods that are missing or have many similar choices when searching locate items listed with typical as a suffix. For example, "Red Delicious Apple" TRY: "Apples", you'll find: "Apples, raw, with skin, typical", etc. Since most apples have very similar calories and nutrition you don't need to use: "Red Delicious Apple" (however you could locate that too but why take the time?) 3. Use Approximates listed in other databases
There are several databases you can use to get calorie/nutrition approximates: "Popluar Restaurants, "Dorm & Military Foods", "Popular Brands". These databases include exact values but they're also great when you for when approximating is close enough. 4. Use BIKI's Drill Down:
BIKI makes searching for foods easier by giving option to search by brand-name or by restaurant. This helps when you don't know the correct spelling of a food. 5. Use online search and add foods manually
6. Use food labels (We'll likley add food scanners in future upgrade but do consider adding food labels from favorites. )

Why does BIKI ask for a weigh-in each day - is this optional?

Biki encourages recording weight daily because it leads to greater weight success. BIKI computes daily and weekly averages - weight, exercise and nutrition for more feedback on your progress, instead of just daily information.

Why has the dietitian listed unusual choices at some meals?

So that your diet meets nutritional needs, meals are balanced by the food groups. Some combination foods will appear at several different meals or snacks. Some foods maybe a better choice for breakfast versus a late snack.

Can I see the "Quick Guide" or New User Prompts" again?

No, but there is a Help section; click MORE then the Help button. [If you must see the prompts or Quick Guide again you can always delete and download BIKI again.]

Can you explain what "FREE Foods" and Extra Foods" are?

Free foods are foods/drinks that have less than 10 calories/serving. "Extras" are food choices you plan to eat that are in addition to your recommended calories & diet goals. Because BIKI users have different needs, Extra calorie & nutrition need to be tracked (pertains esp. to PRO).

How were the Goal Calories determined for me?

BIKI uses Harris Benedict calorie calculations and some proprietary modifications.

What is the Dietitian's Diet button for?

This button is a failsafe you can use to reset your diet to the original dietitian recommended diet.

I'm thinking about using the "Dietitian's Diet" button on the CD page, but because it says I will lose all my customized entries I'm not sure I want to do this. What will be lost?

All information you've added will be lost. It is replaced with the original dietitian's recommended diet only. Use this button if you deleted too many of the dietitian's recommendations and want to start over.

How do I upgrade to BIKI PRO?

Click the "PRO" button on the bottom of the app (see navigation buttons). Click "Get Started" and review optional upgrade options on next page. If you want to lose 1-10 pounds and don't plan to use meal planning tools then option 1 is a good choice. If you have 10 - 25 pounds to lose, Option 2 is recommended. If you have more to lose more than 25 pounds, option 3 is a good value. NOTE: If you're the family cook and do the grocery shopping we recommend options 2 or 3 since meal planning and grocery shopping alone should make these a good purchase.

Will I ever lose any data from My Saved Custom Foods or Meal Plans, My Saved Favorites, the Dietitian's Recipes, Progress Calendar, OR At-A-Glance?

No, these items are automatically saved for BIKI "Lite" members. BIKI Pro users have 2 sync options. Auto Sync is always recommend for beginners and will do daily syncs. Auto sync off is the fastest mode of operation but does require the user to manual syncs when recommended.

What ways can I track my diet with BIKI?

Completely Structured-Preplanned menus:
Use the dietitian's recommended foods pre-loaded in your diet plan, then add your own foods and delete foods you don't eat. Preplan your diet for up to 7 days ahead. If you create your own menus, check the nutrition tracker to see if your plan meets your diet goals and adjust as needed.
Tracking Strategy 2: Flexible, Pre-planned Diet. Plan foods and meals for up to 7 days ahead of time, or one day at a time using your custom diet (CD): Each day you can change your pre-planned choices if you eat something else instead by using your diet tracker to add other foods eaten. BIKI will track and save changes make. Check the Total My Nutrition tracker on the DT to see if your plan meets your diet goals and adjust as needed to stay on track. Similar to the strategy above, you'll preselect as many meals as you can. The difference with this strategy is that it fits dieters that know that planning is not 100% possible them for an entire week; some meals will change due to schedules, budgets, or lifestyle impact. Plan as many meals but as if you eat anything extra at any meal simply add it using the ?+? key on the DT page. This will allow you to add foods you haven't added to your plan yet.
Tracking Strategy 3 (Diet Tracker/Diary):
In addition to its custom diet & diet tools, BIKI also offers app users a diet diary/food tracker. Virtually all diet apps give you a way to track & evaluate nutrition & calories-- BUT only BIKI provides you a nutrition guidance based on your calories needs, helping you easily monitor & the amounts you consume & need.

How does BIKI make losing weight easier?

Making a diet plan that you can stick to is the whole point. It's been shown that if you can stick to any diet that you will lose weight; BIKI� unlike any other diet makes this possible. With a perfectly customized plan of action you create, and the extreme ease of tracking foods you eat, BIKI� makes succeeding at dieting doable!

My family AND I all need to lose weight - can we use BIKI?

YES. Each member of your family must have BIKI and create their own custom diet with it. And, when customizing, a parent, guardian or the child themselves will need to add whatever foods are shared together with the family at a given meal. For example, if you make and share spaghetti for everyone in the family each BIKI user will have to track and enter the spaghetti calories nutriton onto their BIKI tool. Since different people eat different portions - scaling of the recipe (1/2 serving, 1 1/4 serving, etc) will be done. Then each family member would simply plan and eat their own foods when not eating family meals.

When I customized my menu, some choices were lost on the next day's meal

To make customizing efficient, we programmed the BIKI so users wouldn't have to delete the same foods that they didn't like over-and-over again. [ Please note that you can always add a food that was removed, back to another day].

But My Primary Goal is to Improve My Health - Not Just Lose Weight!

BIKI� is designed for better health, weight and nutrition goals. The BIKI app is based on the diet type you request. Improving health is based on improving both food choices and weight so follow the expert diet recommendations provided. Please also note that similar nutrition is grouped together (lean protein, fruits, vegetables, fats, entrees) n your plan. To improve health and more efficiently achieve your goals, choose foods that are in the same group.

What does the abbreviation CD mean?

The CD or Custom Diet is your primary diet strategy. Use the custom diet by saving favorite foods, adding recipes and custom foods, substituting recommended foods. Click the checkbox (or the top Select All checkmark) to track all foods eaten onto the DT (Diet Tracker) - Pro users only!.

What is the Dietitian's Diet Button?

This button takes you back to the original recommended diet. Only use this if you want to remove your customized diet entries and go back to your recommended diet. Please note that all your food adds will be removed from each menu on the CD.

Add Custom Recipe & Custom Foods - PRO only!

Use this tool to add your favorite recipes and/or custom foods. Add favorites to your CD, improve family recipes using the nutrition output provided. Use this tool to add favorite sandwiches, pizzas, etc, to learn how to modify them to stay within stated recommended goal calories. To use this tool, use the directions included on BIKI by entering recipe ingredients 1-by-1. If you enter a recipe at a particular meal, it will show up under that same meal exactly where you added it on the CD. Nutrition for the recipes added are determined by BIKI so you can see if they're suitable for your diet. [HINT: Great tool to evaluate calories and nutrition of foods that don't have calories or nutrition listed].

BIKI operates virtually 100% client side (without an internet connection) BUT...

No need to be online to diet, track or create your perfect custom diet. Once you're registered, BIKI is preloaded with the diet, calorie level, and popular restaurants, brand and everyday whole foods database you want to use. Just customize and you're ready to use it; your BIKI is always accessible when and wherever without an Internet connection.

Is there ever a time BIKI needs to be online?

Yes, but only to back up your food entries and during registration; otherwise BIKI does not need an internet connection.

Using "Search and Add" on the CD to add items: "Lite" vs "Pro"

Search and Add appears whenever you click on any food item in CD (Custom Diet). BIKI "Lite" users are provided many of the same add functions as Pro users: Search & Add and Drill Down, Manual Add and Favorites. The only unique difference is the Add Custom Recipe/Foods tool; combined with the scalability of the database, Pro users can create, add and assess the calories and nutrition of any food they create.

Using "Add" while on DT ("Pro" only)

Search and Add also appears on the DT so app users can add extra foods or flexible foods not listed on their CD or listed on the DT. Just click the green "Add Item" button on the top of the DT page. Use this to search the database for your foods to add to your daily menu. To limit your search, choose food category and describe your food in more detail. Then you can add that food to your CD (Custom Diet).

How is BIKI different from calorie/diet trackers?

BIKI is an actual customizable weight loss plan designed and overseen by a registered dietitian combined with a dynamic customizable planning tool and nutrition tracker too. Calorie counter/ nutrition trackers simply allow users to search and track foods they've eaten whereas BIKI organizes and structures user's diets to ensure good nutrition, effective weight loss and reduce hunger via volumetrics and lowering glycemic index. BIKI ensures users get a better diet using strategies that are proven to work!

Why Use "Manual Add"?

The Manual Add option increases your ability to customize your app 100%. By using Manual Add you are adding directly to your food database. This scalability allows you even greater customizations. To use it, click the green "add item" button on the CD. 84,000 foods are already added to your database but you can increase this using this function.

Diet Tracking (PRO)

Your Diet Tracking and corresponding "Total My Nutrition" tool automatically totala: (A) Manual entries, (B) CD & DT foods tracked as eaten (by checking or adding them to later) so long as you use the checkmarks and tracker. BIKI tracks nutrition and calories for all foods you track- including recipes and tracks from either CD or DT. This versatility adds great diet flexibility helping you adhere to your diet. So use either the DT or CD as you prefer.

Total My Nutrition (PRO):

This functionality does exactly that ? it totals all your nutrition. It accumulate the nutrition and calorie totals of the foods you track as eaten then displays the macronutrient totals from all meals.

Diet Tracking Con?t (PRO):

The Diet Tracking page displays all foods checked on CD as eaten, your goal and eaten calories - and total day's nutrition. Something else beneficial on the Diet Tracking page is that it allows you to add extra foods. So if you eat calories beyond those recommended on Custom Diet (CD) simply click the "+" at the respective meal, add and track those calories as well. All extra items are included in the totals and averages on At-A-Glance; so, if you eat Extras do be sure to add them so your calorie & nutrition averages are accurate.

Custom Groceries - Sortable by day(PRO):

The list is automated requiring only that you customize it - and use a simple up-swipe to refresh the list. Before grocery shopping, use your automated grocery list, edit it as needed and use the organized Groceries page as is; even add non food items using the edit key to add them.
Before using grocery list, be sure to customize your diet directly on CD page by clicking purple arrows to advanced day(s) you want to edit. You can plan meals for up to 7 days and create grocery lists for 1, 2, 3 or up to 7 days. To display the entire week of groceries, all days should be clicked. To sort for specific days, activate only those days you want to shop for. Lastly, note that groceries are arranged for greater shopping efficiency - breads are grouped for shopping the bread aisle (not as carbs), meats are grouped as meats (not as proteins), etc].

My Saved Custom Diet (PRO):

If you have edited the dietitian recommended diet, using the purple arrows at the top of your CD, each day?s modifications are updated to you?re My Saved Custom Diet.
By clicking this on the MORE page or by clicking its hidden access (the leftmost favicon) you can witness the entire weekly plan or email if preferred.

My Saved Favorite Foods:

If you customized your diet, using Search and Add and have added foods to your CD page, they were also prioritized in thecorrect chooser (dropdown) and also added alphabetically AND also added to your Favorite Foods so you can efficiently add them to other choosers(dropdowns) on the CD as needed.


This page is preloaded with recipes relevant to your custom diet [ Recipe and Combination dieters have a set of dietitian recipe favorites - those who chose a convenience only diet see these samples but their programming is for convenience foods only. Pro users can remedy this by adding recipes using manual add too or by using BIKI PRO and using the Add Custom Recipes tool].

Is the Progress Calendar Worth Your time?

There are 14 measurement parameters you can customize. Click the current day of the week, check the ?hide what? checkboxes for items you want to hide, then click the blue? Hide? button. Once customized enter ?Your Current? and/or ?Your Goal? to keep a history for yourself and/ or for your health care professional to evaluate and witness. Works as a good baseline tracker so you know where you been and the progress you've made.

At A Glance:

At A Glance is automated but requires that you check foods eaten. It is important to be sure that you check foods eaten daily on the CD to take greatest advantage of your diet. It has been shown that accurate, diligent tracking alone leads weight loss. Additionally, by checking foods eaten at each meal, will also provides some key behavioral information about you: your diet & exercise averages. BIKI does an automatic average accounting of calories at the end of each day so that you get average initial measurements you can improve upon. For example, if your average calories exercise each week is a below 60 min/day strive daily to obtain an average equal or greater than 60 min/day.

My Saved Favorite Foods:

Your searched foods, recipes added, and manually added food are saved as favorites automatically. Biki interprets search adds (and other modifications) without the need to click a save button. Added items are automatically recognized! Biki learns what you like as you custom your favorites and saves those choices alphabetically, organizing all of them into your custom diet into dropdown for later use. Manhy foods are also saved as favorites and on the recipes page for ease of use again later.

Does BIKI offer any other support?

You can use free diet profile to register for free daily diet tips.

What are Push Notifications?

Most of us benefit from reminders and diet help now and then. BIKI's push notifications are for this purpose -please note that we are considerate of your diet needs & & limits push notifications to once-a-week; but provide once-a-day notices for the first week to help you form some new habits.

Does Biki sync with PersonalDiets?

No,Biki syncs with iCloud.

How can I keep up to date with the latest news about PersonalDiets?

Twitter & Facebook - you can find our twitter access at: BIKI@PersonalDietsDotCom and Facebook access at:

What does BIKI? stand for?

Bringing Innovation, Knowledge & Insight.

I'd like to create my diet 100% from scratch -s there a way to do this?

Yes, but recognize that while BIKI is virtually 100% customizable the diet you are customizing has a defined structure to help you efficiently achieve your particular diet goals. So the restrictions, calories needs, etc that you listed were taken into consideration and a flexible customizable diet created to help you. That said, you can customize it with whatever foods you want - with all your favorite foods,restaurants,snacks, convenience foods, etc. Simply delete all the foods in each of the choosers (dropdowns). Know that even if you realize that it was a mistake to customize it yourself, it is reversible - just click the Dietitian's Diet button and choose yes after reading the stipulation that all your personal customization will be lost.Yes, but recognize that while BIKI is virtually 100% customizable the diet you are customizing has a defined structure to help you efficiently achieve your particular diet goals. So the restrictions, calories needs, etc that you listed were taken into consideration and a flexible customizable diet created to help you. That said, you can customize it with whatever foods you want - with all your favorite foods,restaurants,snacks, convenience foods, etc. Simply delete all the foods in each of the choosers (dropdowns). Know that even if you realize that it was a mistake to customize it yourself, it is reversible - just click the Dietitian's Diet button and choose yes after reading the stipulation that all your personal customization will be lost.

I have BIKI PRO and get a message - please don't forget to sync! -What do I do?

BIKI Lite requires that users sync automatically; this way no loss of customization happens as BIKI syncs all data with the user's iCloud. BIKI PRO users have the advantage of speed and manual sync (or automated sync). So, if you have PRO you can simply change it to automate this by going to MORE:Settings:Auto Sync with iCloud set to On. This will slow down BIKI slightly but you will not have to sync it manually. If you find you prefer the speed and aren't concerned about routine daily updates than simply leave as is (Off position) and click the cloud icon that has text the says: "Sync with iCloud"

How do I customize BIKI Interface?

Visit MORE:Account Settings: Customize BIKI Colors. To change colors of pages and header backgrounds, lists simply experiment by clicking the swatches you prefer until you've reached the custom color set you prefer. [BIKI logo can also be altered]

How do I use the meal planner?

Click the purple circle with white arrows; click the right arrow to plan the next day. If you've customized your diet with breakfast, lunch, dinner foods you prefer you're ready to use the meal planner. To use it, simply make selections for meals you intend on having while following your custom diet. Choose all breakfast, lunches and dinners for as many days as you intend. Once you've completed choosing what to eat, click the My Saved Custom Diet on the MORE page. You can now share your diet or email it to yourself or whomever. PRO users can automatically create a grocery list -sortable for as few as one-day or up to a full-week. Since all your custom foods and choices are saved on your CD you can make a new meal plan whenever you want to each week.

How do I use the grocery list (PRO only)?

Create your own meal plan or if you like what's provided, use the dietitian's sample diet already created. To create a grocery list, begin by using a down swiping stroke on the Groceries page. This will give you the option to refresh prior lists. Click the "YES" button to refresh; your grocery list is available for you "as is". The foods you planned are all there - even the recipe AND any recipe you added or chose from the dietitian's samples. Use the Edit key to add any missing items.

I don't like the custom diet - I prefer just counting calories using BIKI's diet tracker; is that okay for me?

Yes. BIKI was designed to be use a diet tracker interchangeably. The custom diet is suitable for meal planning, grocery shopping, and helps dieters who have past diet failures. It uses diet strategies and expert diet help to make your diet your own so you can conquer old diet habits and form new ones. If you are finding that you are not hungry while dieting, making poor food choices, have issues knowing "what's for dinner" or groceries shopping then you might need BIKI but if you're successful at accomplishing nutrition and weight goals with BIKI's tracker alone then I wouldn't change a thing.

Is BIKI a short term or long term diet?

BIKI uses 2 diets strategies: a custom diet & a calorie tracker, (DT). If you've ever followed a meal plan diet you'll remember that it's inflexible and impossible to follow long term. BIKI's custom diet planner solves some of the problem being far more flexible. BIKI also has a calorie counter and for good reasons. This tool is great where BIKI isn't. Now let's get back to the topic- short v.s long term - how is BIKI intended to be used? Most if not all diets are impractical- correct? While BIKI is a very beneficial resource for your like any diet it too will have a shelf life but we hope - one you can count on. For example, have you ever used MAPS on your iPhone? MAPS is great app - esp. when you need to locate a NEW destination; once you learn it (by repeat visit) you eventually no longer need it -right? BIKI, like MAPS will be no different - you'll continue to use it for several weeks, a month, or two. You'll learn what you need to, then like MAPS only use it when you need it. Here's a little of what we anticipate BIKI will teach you: 1. How to custom balance your personal diet and personal meals 2. How to precisely custom scale foods you prefer to eat so you can reach nutritional diet and weight goals 3. Learn the calorie and nutrition for ALL the foods you eat; this requires PRO esp. if you follow recipes or eat custom foods like all of us do (i.e sandwiches, spaghetti) 4. Assess the strength and weaknesses of your diet. PRO gives you input from a diet & nutrition expert standpoint. 5. Learn what foods and nutrition currently prevent you from weight and health goals. 6. That diet success can be achieved in different ways using reduced calories but is most effectively achieved when you eat high nutrition foods (and your hair, nails, skin, heart and other body organs appreciate it too) 7. If you're the meal planner - and have your recipes and foods entered into BIKI (as is intended) you'll have the advantage of quickly making meal plans and automatically creating grocery lists. NO MORE ANXIETY ABOUT "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?" Just take out BIKI! So, please use BIKI to learn about your needs. Keep it as your personal diet resource and like MAPS pull it out when you go of course.

How do I take greatest advantage of BIKI's database?

Customizable Database The database is 100% customizable. It uses the Manual Add functionality to allow you to add any food or ingredient. Ingredients added can be scaled, become searchable and its macronutrients can then be tracked. Additionally, popular restaurant, popular brand-name foods and USDA food (& nutrition facts) AND the Custom Add feature (PRO only) allow you to enhanced BIKI choices so you can include any food.

What's the objective of the At-A-Glance tracker?

For dieter who need to see results inputting weight & tracking exercise is recommended. By entering daily weight & exercise -- average weekly weight, nutrition and exercise are tracked automatically. This provides a measure of "Real Progress" as opposed to insignificant one (i.e. water weight loss or water weight gain)-- either undermines user's motivation. By obtaining behavioral measurements that demonstrate improvements in amount of exercise, improved nutrition, improved weight over extended periods you will witness success and achieve goals incrementally which is paramount to real success of any diet & exercise program.

What is in PRO that?s not in BIKI Lite?

Custom Sortable Groceries List, Expert Diet Assessment,Exercise-Calorie Adjustment Tool, Diet Tracking & Calorie Counter, Add Custom Foods/Add Custom Recipes Tool & learn their nutrition (and more -see "GO PRO" on BIKI "Lite").

How does the Expert Diet Assessment work?

Click the Diet Assessment button - you must have an internet connection to obtain your assessment. Fill out the entire survey! Be patient - as the output is based on a standardized professional diet survey so answer as accurately as possible. Once completed DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT. Your results (in PDF format) will be sent by email to the address used when you registered BIKI. If you do not receive an your assessment via survey check email spam folder. Also, check the email registered in BIKI's Personal Info section. If you entered it incorrectly and purchased PRO contact us.

How does the Exercise-Calorie Adjustment tool work?

Follow the 3 steps. Choose the level of activity, enter weight, and enter minutes and hours then click Submit. The number in red at page top indicates how many calories you burned. If you indicated that you did no activity during registration than this is additional exercise and calories you can POTENTIALLY add back to your diet. If the exercise entered does not exceed the exercise you noted when you registered then no calorie adjustments to your diet should be made. IMPORTANT: The Calorie Adjustment tool is designed only for those who are burning calories that go beyond their normal exercise routines and can help dieters adjust to corresponding hunger that results.

Whats' the advantage of the Add Custom Foods/Recipes tool?

We all eat foods that don't provide calorie information for them Pizzas, sandwiches, Family recipes. If we have health issues or just weight issues this can result in missing information that it important to account for. BIKI PRO provides this tool so that you can account for any food. Along with the ability to add to customize its database, BIKI potentially lets you consider any and all foods.

How will prelisted saved custom diet choices, saved meal plans, recipe archives, fav foods, and grocery lists benefit me?

By having your favorite foods AND recipes at your disposal (archived) and having all ingredients and foods in your personal database AND the ability to create meal plans and grocery lists easily you can essentially AUTOMATE YOUR DIET each week with a little planning.

How does BIKI's Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker differ from other popular diet apps?

BIKI does everything calorie counter/diet trackers do BUT BIKI's also provide meal planning, automated grocery lists along with a diet tracker and calorie counter that's interchangeable. Calorie counters benefit you due to their ease of use BUT can result in inefficient dieting, poor nutrition, an inability to plan meals & grocery shop and more dining out than is beneficial financially or for your health. With BIKI's tools you get a calorie/meal tracker and custom diet AND can use either as preferred or interchangeably.