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Dear Carolyn,

I have a question for you. I am doing well on the diet. I have lost eight pounds so far. I had a week where I just couldn't do it, but I got my diet buddy the next day and she got me right back on track. I have had a few times when I am standing that I feel light headed and feel like I am going to faint. I am exercising three times a week now for 35-40 at a gym.  Other than that I am feeling healthier and I don't crave the really bad foods anymore (I never thought that would happen). Also, what is your opinion on the 100 calorie pack snacks. Are they ok  and how often? Thanks for your time. K. C.

Hi Carolyn,

I am stuck and I have been eating poorly on the weekends.  I am trying to get myself back on track and would love to have some suggestions from you!  Thank you for emailing me! 
P.S.  I love this program.  I am so glad I started this plan.  I never thought I could lose 20 lbs. and now I feel I can lose any amount I want.  Thank you again. S.B.


Thank you for getting in touch with me about this.  The first couple of weeks have been hard to acclimate to the designed meal plan, but I feel that this week I've really hit my stride with following through on my meal plans.  I also have started working out again which gives me the motivation.  I would appreciate any tips you have that make it easier to stick to this plan.  Overall I have been losing since I started.  The increases in weight have happened the last two weekends I think due to the fact that I have consumed alcohol and eaten more carbs than I normally do when I'm following the meal plan.  The exciting thing about the meal plan, exchange system, and this service in general is that it has made me much more aware of the amount of each food group that I've been taking in.  I've also noted how when I don't follow the general guidelines then my weight will go up.  From here on out I am much more focused on sticking to the plan (even on the weekends).  Your support is greatly appreciated and again, any tips you may have to keep my willpower and motivation up would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again.

 J. C.

J.C. Also wrote:

Thank you so much for your quick reply.  It was very helpful and informative.  Have a great day!

Would you please cancel my acct? Thank you. I have enjoyed using the program and will continue what I learned. L B.

Wow, that was quick.  Thank you so much.

I am all ready to start tomorrow and have my meal plan for the rest of the week set up based on the foods I have in the house that fit with the choices.  I can't wait to go shopping next week so I can work on next week's meal plan!



I just started your program today and I'm very excited!  My friend (S.W., Name Removed) recommended your site to me years ago and I joined but never followed thru, now I'm 25 pounds heavier!  Not Fun!  Anyway, I was wondering, should I be taking a multi vitamin, calcium, omega supplements??? ...  Thank you, C. B.

C.B also wrote...


Thank you so much!  I'm doing really well, I will do a Women's Multi Vitamin.  I have been following the plan and I feel great, I'm not starving and I feel like I'm getting the foods that are important.  I haven't had any regular soda since I started (big for me, I used to drink a lot of it!) and I'm not really into the Diet Coke thing, so I've been drinking water with lemon. 

Thanks again,

C. B.


I would like to do another 6 months.  I really enjoy the program.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Carolyn

Thank you so much for your email answering my questions -  You explained everything so clearly for me and cleared up all my questions!! I really appreciate it! 

I also found the tab to click on to send you food and snacks to consider to add to my Plan A Meal.  Neat thing!!  I love the Plan A Meal - it gives me what I need - structure with flexibility.  It does not get better than that!!

To Carolyn,
I am off the blood pressure medicine and now only take (edited for privacy). Blood pressure is normal. Have thin bones - so take ((edited for privacy)) for that - have arthritis in my hip which makes walking alone outside difficult - My doctor wants me on a walking program. I must finish getting this weight off in the event I may or may not need hip replacement. That will be a last resort!! I keep coming back here because this is the best thing there is - and I don't do well alone without guidance and support. I signed up for 6 months this time - so I can not worry about having to renew for awhile - and can be here for maintenance.

Thank you very much for the added diet plans and your attention to my concerns. It is very much appreciated.


Hi Craig,

I'm very happy to give you feedback.  I used your services 6 years ago and was very happy to shed 15 pounds.  Now, my weight has crept up again and here I am!  I tried to do it on my own, and was trying to remember the "exchanges", but 6 years is a long time.  I was happy to be able to find you still on-line and with an updated level of service.  I look forward to shedding another 15 pounds quickly and easily.

thanks again.


Dear Carolyn,
Thank you so much for your prompt reply and especially your kindness and understanding of my question. It may seem like a small, "it's my job" kinda thing but when I know that I signed on to a weight loss program that said it had a real dietician to help with support I thought " o.k. don't expect too much for $9.99 a month". You exceeded my small expectations. I really liked that you emphasized how bodies change with age (you had to take the time to research me). Thank you for taking the time to do that for me.

I am soooo glad I found you! I never knew planning and eating the many choices of meals could be fun. Easter weekend I was at 271 Lbs. After starting your plan, I am now at 263Lbs within 7 days. I know I shouldn't get too excited yet, because the day of the Plateau will come and lower or dampen my spirits. But until that time, I will enjoy losing the Lbs. Until now, eating was very boring for me. I was eating all the wrong foods to rid myself of boredom and that was part of my problem for gaining weight.
Thanks Much!


NOTE: I have not increased my calorie intake while introducing weight training back into my program. My weight loss has slowed down some because of weight training, but I?m getting into clothes I have not worn in 4 to 5 years and people are taking notice wanting to know my secret.
D. H.

... I wanted to thank you program so much. I have lost 15 pounds. I have to tell you when I first started I skeptical for several reasons. First I, like everyone else had tried every single imaginable diet and NONE worked. I am sure you have heard this story so many times. Plus I could tell every time I went off of one of the FAD diets my body paid for it. I felt tired and unhealthy. When I first tried your program I thought a pound a week, please, this is so slow because the FAD diets always promise (and sometimes deliver) fast weight loss. But of course you put it right back on. I started your program and I did well for a 2 weeks, then I went back to my old habits for 2 weeks. Finally, starting to see the weight coming on again, I went right back on it. And, I have been on it for about 12 weeks now. I used the chart religiously I crossed out something every time I ate. I carried it in my purse so I wouldn't forget. And, it started working. I feel so good. I still have about 10 pounds to go, but I know I can do it, just as long as I stick to the program. I think the key for me was snacking. I had a yogurt every afternoon just before my hunger urge kicked in. My weakness was dinner time, when I got home from work. So by eating something before this curtailed the hunger. I also had a piece of low fat string cheese and nuts to offset any hunger. I loved you program. Please feel free to put my compliments on your web page.
Thank you

Please Cancel my Account. thanks for the help I have lost 20lbs and lowered my cholesterol.

Hi, Carolyn!
I just found the "Right-on Tracker" that is going to be so helpful for me. I've been adding specific items on the calendar of what I eat each day...

I haven't been using my Right-On-Tracker recently but am satisfied with my results and was wondering what kind of maintenance diet I should now be on to maintain a weight of 120 pounds? Thank you for all your help.

This will work just fine for me. I can prepare my own fat free pudding with skim milk and I can add a slice of cheese just as easily. Thanks for explaining it to me. Also, I discovered following the plan yesterday my blood sugar remained stable! It was the first day I used your plan, and that was the first time my sugar remained stable all day since I was diagnosed two months ago.
Thank you.

Hi Carolyn,
I am now getting a message that it looks like I need some help and to contact you. Do I? I weighed myself this morning and am now at 234. I realize that's heavy, but it IS 10lbs lighter than when I started less than three weeks ago. I AM finding this system easier to stick to because it allows for so much choice. Next step will be to gradually cut down on the fats and oils I use in cooking. What do you think?
S. G.

Hi! Things are going well with the eating plan. I like it because it's very flexible and teaches me how to know what I am eating as well as how much I am eating. In a way, I feel like it gives me a lot of "freedom" to choose. I have a question about the pounds I should lose per week. I lost 5 pounds in the first week. I know one loses more the first week because of water weight, so that is okay. But I noticed this morning that I am down a pound from yesterday. Should I be losing weight so quickly? I guess I am only concerned because I have heard it is best to lose only 1-2 lbs a week and if I lose more it may be tougher to maintain. I'm not sure if that's accurate or not, but I just thought I would check.
Thank you!

I (name removed in respect of client's privacy) would like to cancel my 3 months membership with personal diet. Thank for the support and good start on my diet.

Dear Carolyn,
Thank you so much for all your precious answers to my numerous questions. They were really helpful!...

To Carolyn...
Please help!
This morning I wanted to go to my diet plan and Hotmail (bless them) removed it from my in box because I have had it there for more than 10 days. Is it possible to ask you to change my e-mail address (name removed in respect of client's privacy) to (ditto) I am having nothing but trouble with XXXmail and I have now lost everything I have entered on this program. I am very pleased to say I am losing 2 pounds a week and want the exact program back and I can't trust XXXmail. Also I am still waiting for a pal to compare notes with...

Thank you very much for your clear & quick reply. One of the reasons that I picked your particular plan was because I wanted someone "in the know" who could answer questions if I had them & you certainly have. I really appreciate it.

 I really want to thank you for all your help. I have lost over 69 pounds so far, over a seven month period. I have also lost over 7 inches from my waist. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. I've tried many other diets but none has even come close to the success I've had over the past seven months from following your recommendations and from what I've learned using the Personal Diet. I would love to thank you in person but realize how many others you have had that have expressed similar request after they have succeeded on your diets. I really feel like I'm on my way now and just thought others should know how wonderful you and your program are." "I have gotten truly expert advice from the Personal Dietitian staff (esp. Carolyn) as well as quick responses to all my questions. I had no idea just how much difference a diet professional could make and have been truly satisfied with the whole program- from the cost and value of the program, to the support, and my outcome I couldn't have asked for more than I've received for my money. While I no longer need to continue my membership program I know I can always rely on my Personal Diet, and I'll assure you the membership program (including Carolyn's diet) are what's called for. I really owe you and all the Personal Dietitian Staff my sincerest thanks.
Thanks so much,

Hello, Please help, as I've lost my login information and would like to review my diet again. My email address is (name removed in respect of client's privacy)and my name is JF. I lost about 10 pounds at first but I'm on a plateau. I'm hoping that if I try to stick to the diet better I will start to lose extra poundage.

I thank you for the help that you've provided these last four months. I've lost a total of 35 pounds... I'm not where I want to be yet, but I feel like I'm really on my way! I'll keep using the plan you sent me and my dr. will make any necessary adjustments if and when I need them.
- J.P.

Later J.P. wrote:
So, yes, I'm sure the exercise helped, but I know the eating plan was the big difference. I was just NEVER hungry! I always tried to save a fruit or yogurt for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Spreading out some of the exchanges instead of just eating three meals a day was great. With your plan, I knew just what I could do to have a healthier diet and lifestyle.
Thanks again,

I've been trying to lose the same 20 pounds for the last ten years. I know quite a bit about nutrition and knew what I needed to do, but life kept getting in the way of my efforts. I ate pretty well, but didn't have much control over my portions because I eat out a lot. What my Personal Diet Plan did for me was give me the focus and structure I lacked to make it happen. I didn't realize it would be so easy once I got started! I'm already half way to my goal and it's been very motivating. It gave me control over portions and I didn't even have to change my habits all that much. I really like the flexibility, I knew I needed a plan where I could make my own choices and not have to go crazy trying to stick to one of those regimented meal plans. Thanks for giving me a plan I could stick with!

Thanks for taking care of the problem so QUICKLY! I find the information you send extremely valuable (and interesting) and I will very likely continue my subscription. (My biggest problem is controlling the portions and eating at night. From you, I am learning WHAT to eat. Now I need to learn when NOT to eat.)

Set me up for the minimum 3 months. I went from 238 to 185. The 4 miles a day didn't hurt, but nutritional information was great.
D. J.

I've been receiving your messages, but didn't feel like I needed additional support. I think I'm doing okay, just need to stick to the guidelines and follow the advice/tips that are provided in the weekly focus. I misplaced my tracker sheets while we were on vacation, but was able to follow the plan, so I feel good about that. I even lost weight while on vacation.... now I need to get more exercise. Can you give me more hours in a day to do everything I need to accomplish??? Thanks for the help and offers of support. I will use them if/when I feel the need.

Hello, The diet plan is working extremely well for me. As a new mom, I really wanted to loose those extra pounds, but safely since I am breastfeeding. I started on Jan. 1and have lost 12 pounds (written 2 months after she started) , and can now fit into most of my clothes again! My son is now 3 months old and keeping me very busy. The thing that helped me most is what to eat and the portions. I now make sure I get enough fruits and veggies a day, which I think has helped me loose the weight. I really appreciate the plan you made. I plan on sticking to it....I guess once I reach my desired goal I can maintain by increasing the bread, fat area, correct?
-Lisa P

Thanks again. I really appreciate the time and effort put into my plan. Wow! Such great help, and you answer so quickly. I had another plan that was so rote it didn't take into account a lot of things that I considered important. And I didn't have options like on this one, which I need because when I eat out it is usually on the spur of the moment. Being Realtors, my husband and I never know whether we will be home in time to cook. I had a problem with almost every meal on the other plan. I have started an exercise program encouraged by my doctor ( I will be walking or swimming for 45 minutes at least 5 days a week). I'm now on my way and feeling enthusiastic. Thanks again.

P.S. This eating program is wonderful. I've completely changed my eating habits in only 2 weeks and I don't even crave some of the unhealthy foods that I used to!

Hi, I would like to cancel my account. I have reached the desired weight I have wanted to reach for a long time. I can also say that my eating habits have changed considerably. I have actually recommended this site to all my friends and family and they are willing to give a try.
Thank you so much!

I am unable to keep the monthly payments at this time, so I unfortunately need to cancel. I am very happy with all the information I received from your site, the meal plans, etc. and they are and will continue to be very helpful to me for the rest of my life. Thank you for your support, expertise and educational material which I enjoyed and learned so much from. I hope to come back at a later time. Please feel free to send me the cancellation confirmation at this email address or at (email removed to respect client's privacy)
Thank you again,
A C.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have lost 14 lbs, so far. Please cancel my subscription, as I do not need it any further. Thanks!!
C. C.

Dear Dietitian:
I started your program on March 2 2004, and lost 6lbs the first week, which was a very big surprise. I am on my second week and very encouraged. I realize I will not continue to lose at this rate, but I have stepped up the exercise to lose a little quicker than the 1 1/2 per wk for the calorie intake. I find the diet contains enough food that I can stick with it. I am looking forward to trying some of your great looking recipes. I am writing to let you know my new e-mail address, also I am not receiving the weekly focus.
Thank You,

Carolyn, I was thrilled to come home and find my diet! Wow! Its incredible!! Looks like you did an excellent job. I have already recommended the site to my dad and sister. Thank you for all your hard work on it. I have one teeny question....I am an admitted chocolate addict...peanut m&ms, regular m&ms, kisses basically. How would I count a regular (is there such a thing) size serving of those? They are a daily happening that I will one day give up. I just want to say you have a wonderful site and I am truly impressed!
J. M.

I'd like to cancel ongoing support at this time. I feel that I have my diet well in hand and am exercising regularly. Personal Dietician is a very good plan and I recommend it whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you for everything!
C. W.

Hi. I just wanted to give you my new e-mail address so I don't miss my weekly focus. It's: (email removed for member's privacy) Thanks for the help! It's working, I have lost 15 pounds!
Thanks again,

I received my personal diet and was very happy with all of the information. I really did not expect that detailed of a plan, and was quite impressed.
Thank you.
Beverly S

... I have started in February and thanks to you and YMCA I've lost 25 pounds. I'm still working hard , exercising and trying to eat healthy food. Now I know that it will be very easy for me to work together with my body ...

I think your website is fantastic! I am so thrilled about finally getting the sort of individual attention in regards to my weight problem, that I have been looking for for 6 years! Getting to a weekly meeting is almost impossible for me and so being able to turn on my computer when my kids are all in bed at night, and getting the sort of information I want is wonderful!

Thanks for your site. It is truly wonderful. My cholesterol is up to 244 and I've got to get it lower. I have a re-check in 7 weeks. They've also started a walking / running club at my school where I teach. I'm going out there twice a week with the kids! I can usually do a mile each time. I really think this plan is 'do-able'. Hard to find meal plans like that.
Thanks again
- B.K.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Carolyn I just know this is going to work for me thank you

Hi Craig,
I took the test that scores you in weight-loss related areas, and I wanted some advice. I have met with a dietician many times in order to get me to lose some weight and lower cholesterol and trigs. I am very happy so far with A Personal Dietician, it is I'd say, the same as what the dietician said but laid out for me to see, rather than me hearing it all in the Dr's office and going home with mind reeling. However, I know the major problem with me is having faith, and sticking with it. I have tried so many different diets and the weight doesn't come off. I am not even a yo-yo dieter, I tend to always stay the same. So, I have little faith the weight will come off, and so the problem of not sticking with it arises. Can you give me some help with this? I am glad there are so many resources here, it's very hard to have a half hour even with the best dietician and then not have any help until you return for the next visit! Thanks for your help.

"A Critical Step in Any Successful Diet is to Identify Your Diet Challenges First" - Carolyn Classick-Kohn,MS,RD, PersonalDiets chief dietitian and cofounder

An Expert's Diet & the Expert Help you need makes the difference!


Good morning,
I wanted to thank you for this plan, I have finally found a way of eating that I can stick with that's healthy. I am almost to my desired weight and I was wondering if you could send me the maintenance eating plan for a weight of 150 pounds.

Hi. I wanted to let you know that I am losing weight easier than ever before on my new eating plan. I have lost 16 pounds without any feelings of hunger.

This is great! Where did you come from? (When my daughter was a little girl, my dad would ask her that, and she would always answer- Heaven.) So far (just printed everything out, quite successfully -- I was holding my breath) this looks fantastic. Comes at just the right moment in my life, too. Thanks. I'll study everything carefully and start getting organized today.
Peggy M

Again, thanks for all your attention to me and my problems. I have lost 15 pounds, so that is progress. I have a personal trainer, so don't worry about me, I'm doing okay. I have gotten a LOT of help from reading the Personal Dietitian information.

I have been very pleased with A-PersonalDietitian. I lost 12 pounds within the first couple of months and have had no trouble keeping it off. This is the first diet that I have ever tried that actually works and that allows me to be in complete control of my weight. I like the flexible and personalized nature of the diet and the fact that the diet provides me with the knowledge to understand what types of food I should eat and why. In the end, it has turned out not to be just about losing weight, but about being healthy and feeling good.
Thank you.

Hi! I've been using my diet plan for about 7 weeks now and have lost about 13 pounds! I'm so excited! It's a good, healthy plan for me and I feel I can keep working it. One question - how do I know when I'll have to have a new food plan developed? In other words, will I stop losing weight on this plan at some point? I only weigh myself once every few weeks because I need to go the doctor's office to do so as my scale doesn't go up to my weight. Thanks for your help and a great plan!

Dear Carolyn
I've lost 10 lbs. Your recommendations and guidelines were very easy to follow! However, I don't find many frozen entrees with food exchanges. Typically, I only find weight watchers point system. Do you have a system that converts their point systems to your food exchange? (YES-we do!)
Overall, I can't believe that it has been so easy!. I remember feeling discouraged (impatience) once or twice.
However, I have the following questions!
1) How long after losing weight is my weight stabilized?
2) Should I try to lose an additional five lbs (I'm not planning on returning to my old eating patterns, but I want to be on the safe side) or go on a maintenance diet? If you recommend a maintenance diet, please provide one.
3) Please explain why I can eat more on a maintenance diet and still maintain my weight.
4) In my eating recommendations, you indicated that my diet was compared to a diet that is 25-30% fat, 18-20% protein, and 50% carbohydrate. (How did my previous diet rate in these areas?)
5) Additionally, from reading your assessment of my prior diet, it is really hard to tell where I was having the most difficulties. Was it in the carbohydrate area? Or was it portion control in general? (I don't want to repeat the same mistakes)
6) I believe I have one more month on this plan. Can I try transfer my month to my husband? He's very impressed with my success!
7) In general, I feel that the American diet sucks! As consumers, what can we do to encourage the food industry to prepare more health foods. Health conscious people have to work so hard!

Just want to let you know that I've been very successful on this diet plan. I think I've finally found the one that works for me!

Hi, my name is (name removed for member privacy) and I've been a member of your weekly focus program since 10/26/02. I've been following your plan/guidelines for about 30 weeks now, and am very happy to report that I've lost 38 pounds! I really enjoy your weekly e-mail newsletters, but I'm missing about "six" e-mails...

Thanks you thank you so much! I never thought a diet would have such an impact. I have lost 2 inches around my waistline, my pants (once very tight- to the point that they hurt my back) now fit loose and fit very comfortably around my waist. Thanks to your diet and program I look and feel great. I haven't been this healthy and light since I was in my 20's - really. After we had our child I just stopped exercising, started snacking and eating more and somehow my weight just got away from me. The diet and meal plan have been very flexible and the meal plan has been so convenient enough that I have been able to tailor it into something I truly could live with - as you say. The diet really made the difference for me and I really appreciated the weekly support and emails you've sent. To be honest I was worried about your program at first. I had previously paid to the nose at ediets.com as well as joining some other free online diets. Having joined these other programs I almost didn't join yours but because I saw that my diet would be designed by an individual I thought I'd give it myself one last chance. I'm sure glad I did!
I only have 3 pounds to go now to obtain my goal. This has been so much easier than any diet I've ever done. It's always difficult to diet but thanks to your personal considerations and assistance it has made all the difference for me. I look forward to receiving the free maintenance diet. Do I get that through you or can I just sign up in the members center?
Thank you for all your help. I look forward to getting my maintenance diet and getting my increased calorie level- just kidding!

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